Trophy Blue Catfish Trips

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Trophy Blue Catfish Trips

Trophy Blue Catfish Trips on Lake Tawakoni can be record breaking!  Come enjoy the Catfish Capital of Texas with Andrew Taylor!  You deserve the best Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide, Andrew Taylor!

Lake Tawakoni Catfish

Trophy Blue Catfish Trips From November to February can be epic . Tawakoni is known as the Catfish Capital of Texas and for good reason, our average fish on a trip is 40lbs! We will typically catch a few eating size blues, box fish, for you to take home after your trip.  We release all Trophy Blue Catfish so you and you grandkids can enjoy Lake Tawakoni in the future! I use the technique of drifting, covering a vast amount of water making the odds better for catching  a trophy! The payoff of catching a big blue is like nothing else, the size of these fish are absolutely incredible. I can promise after you hook up to one of these old blues you’ll be wore out!  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook!  The Blue Catfish is the largest species of North America, reaching a length of 65 inches and a weight of 150 pounds. The average length is about 25 to 46 inches. The fish can live to 20 years and we will do our best to put a BIG Blue Catfish in the net!

Lake Tawakoni Blue Catfish 

The world record blue catfish has been broken seven times since 1991, and there hasn’t been another species that has flipped records like that, ever!  that many times in such a short time. In 1991, Ed Elliott’s 97-pound blue caught from the Missouri River near Vermillion, South Dakota, reigned at the top for over three decades.  After Elliot’s catch in 1991 we did not get many reports for monster blues for 30 plus years!  You had pockets of rod and reel anglers, jug liners, and trotliners reporting a few nice fish, but now we are seeing lots of monster reports and many more anglers and guides chasing Blue Catfish!

Social Media Effects on Fishing

Now you have anglers posting Pictures of Big Blue Catfish on social media, you have technology advancements with sonar and fish finders, and you have better equipment in rods and reels!  This all add us to a Blue Catfish renaissance!  Anglers can share more information faster.  Guides can launch websites, social media, and photo albums with ease!  More information equals more interest!  Come enjoy our Blue Catfish Renaissance on Lake Tawakoni!  We will put a trophy blue catfish in the net for you and yours!


Pictures of Big Blue Catfish

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