Slab Spoons-Lake Tawakoni Striper

Are you looking for the Top 5 Slab Spoons-Lake Tawakoni Striper Fishing Tips?  Do you know how to fish Slab Spoon Lures for Lake Tawakoni White Bass, Hybrid Striper, and Striped Bass?  If you are looking for great Lake Tawakoni Fishing Tips please read on!

Slab Spoons-Lake Tawakoni Striper-Fishing Techniques

Most Striper Anglers drop a slab spoon to the bottom and start to pop the rod tip up and down a few times and catch fish.  There are several styles or techniques you should use and some tips that will make your slab spoon fishing trip a success.

Slab Spoon Tip #1

Pay attention to the weather and water temperature.  The warmer the water the more you need to move your slab spoon!  Warm weather speed your slab spoon up, and cooler weather slow it down.  Early Spring your Slab Spoon Striper Fishing will be almost like dead-sticking.  Drop the slab to the bottom, lift it up, shake your rod and let the slab fall the short distance back to the bottom.  June and July you will want to “BURN” your slab spoon off the bottom.  Drop you slab spoon, then 3-4 quick turns of your reel and controlled drop back to the bottom!  Remember to control the fall rate of your slab spoon, most of your strikes are on the drop!  Slackline equals missed Striper.

Slab Spoon Tip #2

Cover the water column and catch more Striper!  If you are in 20 feet of water and marking fish from 10 feet to the bottom you need to cover 10 feet in the water column.  Most anglers fish the bottom 2-3 feet and miss a lot of quality Striper that are in shallower water.  So your first drop if to the bottom.  Lift your slab and jig it.  Control drop to the bottom.  A turn of the reel will take a foot or so of line, then jig your lure.  Reel one turn again and jig your slab, then repeat this until you have covered the water column of fish.  Now you are covering different hot spots and the entire water column.

Slab Spoon Tip #3

Know your slab spoon design and how the lure will fall in the water column.  Most Striper Slab Spoons will be round and kind of flat, or long and thick.  Slab Spoons that are more flat will flutter on the fall or roll.  This slow falling action is deadly on Lake Tawakoni Striper.  Make sure you let the flat slab spoon work!  Don’t work this style of slab spoon too fast.  The long and thick slab spoon you want to put right on the Striper’s nose!  

Slab Spoon Tip #4

Please do not over-think slab spoon colors.  If you have confidence in chartreuse, fish that color.  If you like glow white, fish it!  Are you a flashy silver holographic sticker angler, great fish that color!  The number one mistake in slab spoon fishing is NOT Matching the Hatch.  If Lake Tawakoni Striper are eating 2-inch shad, don’t throw a 5-inch long slab spoon!  The general rule is June and July throw the big slab spoons.  The rest of the year a 1.5oz or 1oz Slab Spoon will catch Striper.  If you downsize your Slab Spoon and find you are catching only White Bass, go bigger!  Do these two things and your slab spoon fishing will improve 100%

1) Match the Size of Baitfish Striper are feeding on!

2) Match the Speed of the Baitfish! Summer Fast, Winter Slow down!

Slab Spoon Tip #5

This should be tip number one for fishing anywhere in the world.  Find fish!  You can not catch Striper on lake Tawakoni unless you locate them.  You may have the best Slab Spoon in the world, but if you do not locate Striper, you will not have success!  If you find a hump on Lake Tawakoni and it looks like there are fish on your graph, stop and slab spoon that spot.  If you do not catch a White Bass, Striper, or Hybrid Striper in 20 minutes MOVE!  If you do not catch a fish in twenty minutes on any lake or river, move to another spot!

Thanks for reading our Slab Spoons-Lake Tawakoni Striper blog post and we hope this makes you a better angler.  For more information about Striper Fishing Lake Tawakoni follow Guide Andrew Taylor.

Slab Spoons-Lake Tawakoni Striper

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