Monster Blue Catfish Lake Tawakoni

Monster Blue Catfish Lake Tawakoni………yes please and thank you!  We are in Prime Time to Put a Monster Blue Catfish in the net and our last few weeks have been Epic!  The past few trips have been BIG!  These pictures should tell you why Lake Tawakoni is one of a kind! Our water temperature is holding right at 45 and these Trophy Blues are in full swing!  We are drifting BIG Gizzard Shad in ten to twenty feet of water and covering ground.  We will run into pods of Blue Catfish.  These fish are very big so once we play one to the net, its picture time, then another drift.  To Book your shot at a Monter Blue Catfish with Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide Andrew Taylor, follow this link!

It’s All About the Bait-Monster Blue Catfish Lake Tawakoni

Big bait equals big fish!  I think a famous guide said that?  Lake Tawakoni Catfish love to eat shad!  Leave your Shazam Punch Bait at home and get your cast net ready!  Here is a picture of the Gizzard Shad we are using on Lake Tawakoni Catfish!  If you are still wondering the best time of year to catch Blue Catfish on Tawakoni…’s NOW!  You never know when the next Lake Tawakoni Catfish record will fall!  If we do break the blue catfish record on Tawakoni, I bet it happens in February or March!

Monster Blue Catfish Lake Tawakoni

Catch Lake Tawakoni Catfish with Guide Andrew Taylor

Blue Catfish 411

1-They are known for putting up a good fight and makes things difficult for fishermen.
2-Blue catfish are opportunistic feeders.
3-They are often known to be found eating under schools of striped bass or white bass picking up bait fish.
4-They are known to feed heavily in tailraces of dams, picking up wounded, killed or shocked baitfish as it flows through the tailraces of the dams.
5-Blue catfish usually seek out deep holes with a plentiful cover which provides relief from strong currents. These fishes move up to swift water to feed, mostly at nights.
6-They prefer the atmosphere of large rivers and in the deeper areas which have moderate to strong current.
7-Blue catfishes are chiefly nocturnal eaters.
8-These fishes are easily lured with a wide variety of bait irrespective of the fact whether they are dead or alive.

Blue Catfish Adaptive Features.

  • Blue Catfishes are fast growers.
  • They look for most of their food near the bottom because they are nocturnal beings.
  • Their barbels or whiskers give these fish a strong sense of odor, which plays a key role in looking for food.
  • Blue Catfishes are hardy fish which will survive even if they are in less favorable environment.

Blue catfishes are usually large-river fish, living in tributaries, lakes, main channels, reservoirs and banks of major river systems. They are inclined to move upstream during the summers to look for cooler temperatures and move downstream during the winters to find warmer water. They prefer to live in clear and swift waters.  They are found in gravel, over sand or rocky bottoms.

Monster Blue Catfish Lake Tawakoni-Guide Andrew Taylor

We Love lake Tawakoni Monster Blue Catfish

Blue Catfish season is near, and we are very excited!  Blue Cats are native to major rivers of the Ohio, Missouri, and Mississippi river basins. The range also extends south through Texas, Mexico, and into northern Guatemala. In Texas, it is absent from the northwestern portions of the state including the Panhandle but present elsewhere in larger rivers.

The spawning behavior of blues appears to be similar to that of channel catfish. However, most blue catfish are not sexually mature until they reach about 24 inches in length.  We practice catch and release of these monster catfish to make sure our great grandkids enjoy the fishery!  Like channel catfish, the blue cats pursues a varied diet, but it tends to eat fish earlier in life. Although invertebrates still comprise the major portion of the diet, blue catfish as small as four inches in length have been known to consume fish.

Individuals larger than eight inches eat fish and large invertebrates. Blue catfish commonly attain weights of 20 to 40-pounds and may reach weights well in excess of 100 pounds. It is reported that fish exceeding 350 pounds were landed from the Mississippi River during the late1800s.

Blue cats are the largest freshwater sportfish in Texas. On Lake Tawakoni, 50-pounders are not unusual. Typically, the largest fish are caught by trotliners, some of whom have landed specimens in excess of 115 pounds. The Texas rod-and-reel record is 121.5 pounds. Catfish is the second most preferred group of fish among licensed Texas anglers, and blues rank third behind channel and flathead catfish.  Come join us for a Trophy Blue Catfish Trip on Lake Tawakoni!

Catching Lake Tawakoni Monster Blue Catfish

Catching Blue Catfish on Lake Tawakoni is not an easy task! Bait is always important. Blues, love live bait. Frozen bait will not put Trophy Blue Catfish in the net!  Fresh, Cut, and stinky are what blues like!   Juveniles eat live bait, so using good, live, stinky bait will put blues in the net. Blue catfish have a keen sense of smell, so baits that smell funny will work much better than ordinary stuff. Your best bet is to use some kind of bait fish!  Gizzard and threadfin shad are your go-to Blue Cat bait!  

Blue Catfish are big and bad!  Make sure you have good hooks, quality line, and a rod that can battle 50 plus pound fish!  Use a good-sized hook. Anything from 3/0 to 9/0 will work well. Remember, these are pretty big catfish. You’ll probably want to cut your bait 6 to 12 inches long.

Blue catfish are known as fighters. Be ready for a battle! Use a quality reel with a great drag.  Braid line will make rock solid hookups!  80-pound braid with a 50-pound mono leader will put fish in the net!  Use a heavy rod to match your reel and you will be ready to battle!

Blue cats like to stick to cool waters. The best time to go out looking for them is in the fall, from September to December. They’ll be out feeding much later than other species of catfish. It depends a little bit on where you live, but definitely, fall and winter are the best times to catch them. Lake Tawakoni Blue cat season runs from September to March!  

 Monster Blue Catfish Trips on Lake Tawakoni with Guide Andrew Taylor

Blue Catfish Trips on Lake Tawakoni with Guide Andrew Taylor are action-packed and lots of fun!  Yes, it is Trophy Blue Catfish Season on Lake Tawakoni and now is your chance to put that fifty pound plus a blue cat in the net!  We are catching some very nice fish drifting huge cut shad in 15 to 20 feet of water!  The Big Blue Catfish are roaming the main lake and we are booking Trophy Blue Catfish Trips!  We still have some openings so give us a call today and put a Big Blue Catfish in the net!

You need Fresh, Big, Bait If you are targeting the blue catfish!  Using gizzard shad as bait will be ideal. Opt for oily baitfish such as herring, shad, suckers, etc. You can buy them from a bait shop or catch them yourself.  The oils released by these fish attract catfish especially the blue catfish. They will also bite live or fresh dead bluegill, perch, shad, and the likes as they like easy to find, meat. Blue Catfish are driven by their strong sense of smell.  For more information please follow Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide Andrew Taylor.

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I’m currently the youngest guide on Lake Tawakoni out of my colleagues! I have been fishing this lake ever since I was old enough to get in a boat and go. I’m a 4th generation Tawakoni fisherman, stemming from my grandfathers who watched the lake being built. I was taught by my father Jim Taylor one of the best in the business! I’ve spent countless hours on the water learning as much as I can and continue to learn every time I’m out. Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook!

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