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Most anglers jump on social media and see pictures of big striper caught on Lake Tawakoni and think, this looks easy!  Live Bait Fishing Tawakoni Striper is not an easy task and Guide Andrew Taylor will give anglers his insights, tips, and gear recommendations!  If you like to live bait fish for Striper, anglers should read on and take some notes.  The #1 Rated Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide Andrew Taylor will help anglers improve their live bait game!

Live Bait Fishing Tawakoni Striper-Equipment Review

A quick list of gear you will need to Live Bait Fish Tawakoni Striper and have success!

1) Quality Live Bait Tank
2) Several Cast Nets
3) Salt Rock-Shad Tank Treatment-Ice
4) Rod Holders
5) Side Imaging Electronics
6) Anchor-Spot Lock Trolling Motor-Drift Sock
7) Splasher Trolling Motor
8) Quality Reels Spooled with 20 lb monofilament line
9) Soft Tip Rods
10) Circle Hooks, Variety of Egg Sinkers, Premium Swivels

Keeping Shad Kicking-The Key To Live Bait Fishing Tawakoni Striper

Besides finding threadfin and gizzard shad on Lake Tawakoni the most important piece of the puzzle to successful live bait fishing is keeping shad alive and kicking!  You will not be successful on Lake Tawakoni keeping shad in your live-well.  The square corners and poor filtration will turn a good Striper fishing trip into a cut-bait catfish adventure.  Get ready to spend some money because a good bait tank is not cheap.  I’m not gonna turn this blog into a tank advertisement but we will leave 3 very good options.  You will need a good filtration system, rounded corners on the design, and a quality pump to aerate the water. 

Depending on how much live bait fishing you want to do, size does matter.  A 50-gallon tank should hold 100-150 average size threadfin shad in cooler weather for 1-3 days.  Texas summer months is a day if you are lucky.  Visit each site and ask around on fishing forums and you will make a quality purchase.

1) Bluewater Bait Tanks

2) Grayline Bait Tanks

3) The Shad Shack

Shad Bait Tank 101-Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide Andrew Taylor

Your shad tank filter should remove organic matter (fish scales) and keep your water cool and clear.  The filter should remove ammonia which will kill shad fast, and the tank should have a removable screen.  Your pump should be easy to access and provide steady water flow for the size of your tank.  Add rock salt to reduce scale loss and remember the ideal temperature for shad is 60-65 degrees.  A pool thermometer is a great idea!  NEVER dump your net into the bait tank.  Use a bucket, drop the net into the bucket, then use your dip net to gently transfer shad into the main tank.  Don’t dump bucket water into the big tank!  That water is very dirty and warm.  Don’t overload your tank and be gentle with shad and try not to remove their slim-coat.  USE SHAD KEEPER, it works!

Oxygen Tanks-Do They Work?

I’m sure oxygen to your shad tank will help and keep bait longer, but the expense is too much for our guide service.  There are several companies that offer oxygen systems, but the price is high.  A google search will get you to several companies.  Don’t waste your time with $ 40 box store bubble systems, they won’t help you with a 50-gallon tank.  Control your filtration, water temperature (ice), and use Shad Keeper and you should be ok!  I could have made this a very long read, but like to keep blogs under an 8 minute read.  We will break down our fishing rods, reels, and terminal tackle in another blog!  For more information follow Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide Andrew Taylor.

Live Bait Fishing Tawakoni Striper

About Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide Andrew Taylor

I’m currently the youngest guide on Lake Tawakoni out of my colleagues! I have been fishing this lake ever since I was old enough to get in a boat and go. I’m a 4th generation Tawakoni fisherman, stemming from my grandfathers who watched the lake being built. I was taught by my father Jim Taylor one of the best in the business! I’ve spent countless hours on the water learning as much as I can and continue to learn every time I’m out. Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook!

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