Lake Tawakoni Hybrid Striper Report

The Lake Tawakoni Hybrid Striper Report May 22, 2017, is GREAT! We are on a solid summer pattern and catching limits of white bass, hybrid striper, and some striped bass in the mix! We are finding a mix of threadfin and gizzard shad on Lake Tawakoni and fishing in twenty to twenty-five feet of water! Large Gizzard Shad will catch Big Striper! White Bass are keying on small threadfin shad. For more reports please visit the Texas Fishing Forum! Fishing is red hot and we are very busy! Come enjoy Lake Tawakoni with us today! See ya on the water!

Lake Tawakoni Hybrid Striper-Big Summer Fun

First trip of the day down, one to go! Randy and Wayne did a number on the hybrid and striper today! We got em early and released fish for the rest of the trip! Finally made a Sandie run and caught 35. Then back to catching studs again😂 stay on the lookout for this evenings trip!👍🏻

**BIG FISH ALERT** Bert and David had a limit in 30 minutes and the fun didn’t stop there!! We released 43 BIG FISH!! That’s an actual number! We had double and triples all evening, making two bait runs!! Words can’t describe it! What a way to wrap up this amazing weekend!!
Come join me for some fun??? 😜

WHAT A CRAZY EVENING!! I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking. This was an absolutely incredible night!! Brad, Randa, and their girls crushed some Tawakoni studs!😎 not sure about the total number of fish we caught!

Summer Hybrid Striper Report June 7, 2017, is WOW for Lake Tawakoni! We are on a solid summer pattern and catching limits of white bass, hybrid striper, and some nice striper mixed in! We are using live bait in 17 to 20 feet of water! When the action stops, we go look for another set of humps to drift!

Summer Hybrid Striper Action-Red Hot-Lake Tawakoni

The summer hybrid striper report on June 25, 2017, is very good! Lake Tawakoni has been phenomenal for my Clients and I over the past week!! We are putting up some huge numbers and even bigger fish. June is proving to be one of the best months yet! Give me a shout to get on some big Striper and Hybrid. We can fill the freezer while you catch trophy size fish!! Father’s Day trip was a success!! We crushed the big Hybs and Striper!! We boated close to 30-40 GIANT fish! The biggest Hybrid went 27″!! Let’s get you on some fish!! We have a few openings this summer, so give us a call and enjoy non-stop Hybrid Striper Action on Lake Tawakoni! Don’t forget to LIKE us on FaceBook

Lake Tawakoni Guide

The summer has started off better than expected on Lake Tawakoni! My clients are typically catching their limit of BIG Hybrid and Striper, and then topping off the cooler with white bass. The majority of our fish are still holding to the structure but starting to find a few stacking up out deep. I’m fishing a lot of offshore structure in the 22′ range right now with live bait. The schools have been consistent but seeing a lot of scattered fish that want to school and feed. They will, it’s all about time though.

I’m running a Carolina rig with a 2 oz weight to hold down the big shad. Leader lengths are typically 18″.  The evening bite is also heating up with a lot of topwater action. The late evening blowups should continue all the way through the summer months into fall! 

The Thermocline and Lake Tawakoni Hybrid Striper

Once the thermocline sets in it will push the fish off, and we will be off to deep water to find the big schools, my favorite! We will be looking for large groups of fish feeding deep on balls of shad. Lake Tawakoni is hard to disappoint and is truly showing to be another incredible year for us.

Summertime catfishing is about to start up and I run a lot of these trips once the heat really sets in. We move from live bait fishing to punch bait. These are standard freezer filling trips and you typically catch more than you want! If you’re wanting to get out and catch a mess for a fish fry or just to stock up this is the way to do it.

WOW, the Lake Tawakoni July 18th Summer Report remains strong!!! That’s all I can say about the past few weeks here on Lake Tawakoni! Our big Hybrid and Striper count haven’t been exactly what they were a couple of weeks back, but my clients are still boating HUGE numbers! We are catching a lot of big magnum White Bass, Catfish, and Hybrid. We are still using the same technique with live bait, changing the size of bait depending on what the fish want that day. Carolina rigging 1 oz weights to a 24″ leader, with a 2/0 Gamakatsu octopus hooks.

Deep Structure for Late Summer Hybrid Striper on Lake Tawakoni

Targeting deep structure has been the name of the game, it’s all about timing and when they will feed. You can graph structure at 7:30 with absolutely nothing on it, swing back by at 8:30 and its fast as you can get your bait down! We are fishing a lot of 22′-38′ just depending on where the fish are holding. Most of the Striper and Hybrid have been suspended feeding on bait higher up in the water column.

Starting in August ill be running a lot more cat trips, and it’s one of my favorite ways of fishing! Typically boating 100+ fish before the sun even gets up high enough in the sky to make you sweat! Freezer filling usually isn’t a problem whatsoever or catching some for a fish fry. They’re action-packed and non-stop catching, it just doesn’t get any better!! Don’t forget to like us on FaceBook!

I have a few days left in the month of August for chasing cats, while ill focus my attention on the schooling fish in the evenings. I would love to have you all out, let me know if I can help you out, I promise not to disappoint. 903-269-6587!  Thanks for reading our Lake Tawakoni Hybrid Striper Report.  For more information please follow Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide Andrew Taylor.

Lake Tawakoni Hybrid Striper Report, Guide Andrew Taylor

New Blazer Bay Boat

We picked up our new Blazer Bay Boat this week, and it is fantastic! The New 24 foot Blazer Bay rides smooth and dry. Had her out in the big wind yesterday on Lake Tawakoni and we had no problems! The Blazer 2400 you can fish the flats for redfish in the morning and then venture offshore for an afternoon chasing tuna. The Blazer Bay 2400 is one of the largest and most versatile bay boats available with a wide 8 ½ foot beam and a 25” transom. Regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you, the Blazer 2400 will deliver a smooth and remarkably dry ride. You’ll have plenty of room to fish from the giant front casting deck and spacious interior. Compare the standard features with any other rolled edge 24-foot bay boat and you’ll see that nothing else holds a candle to the Blazer 2400.

Lake Tawakoni Hybrid Striper Report

History of Lake Tawakoni

Imроundеd іn 1960, Lаkе Tаwаkоnі Hybrid Striper fіѕhіng is fantastic juѕt аbоut year around and the Blue Catfishing is great in the winter months! Pооl level іѕ 437 ft mlѕ wіth a fluсtuаtіоn average of 2 tо 4 ft аnnuаllу. Thе nоrmаl lаkе wаtеr іѕ ѕlіght to moderate аlgаl staining. Lake Tаwаkоnі has a surface аrеа оf 37,879 асrеѕ. The Lake was named for the Tawakoni native American peoples, who were a larger part of the Caddo Indian nation. The Caddos inhabited a large swath of North and East Texas including where the lake is currently.


Lake Tawakoni Flooded Timber-Hybrid Striper Heaven

Vеgеtаtіоn is ѕраrѕе on the lake wіth flооdеd timber bеіng thе mоѕt abundant cover. Try main lаkе humрѕ as thеу tеnd tо аttrасt larger ѕсhооlѕ of ѕtrіреd bаѕѕ. We focus on drifting live bait for Striper, Hybrid Striper, and White Bass in the summer and Fall, then it’s Trophy Blue Catfish season! We drift large shad and target BIG Blue Catfish over 25 pounds! Lake Tawakoni is famous for BIG Blue Catfish and we know where to find them!

Lake Tawakoni RV and Camping Sites

There аrе 9 RV Parks and Mаrіnаѕ оn Lake Tawakoni with mоѕt being оn the east side. Most оffеr a boat lаunсh and RV ѕрасеѕ with 30 аmр аnd 50 аmр RV hооkuрѕ. Mаnу also оffеr year аrоund rаtеѕ whісh іѕ popular fоr our nоrthеrn frіеndѕ. RV Pаrk rates аrе frоm $20 to $25 реr nіght wіth thе оff ѕеаѕоn bеіng somewhat less. It is rесоmmеndеd thаt you rеѕеrvе уоur RV Pаrk ѕрасе wеll in аdvаnсе on Lаkе Tаwаkоnі, as іt іѕ a popular place during thе реаk ѕеаѕоn.

About Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide Andrew Taylor

I’m currently the youngest guide on Lake Tawakoni out of my colleagues! I have been fishing this lake ever since I was old enough to get in a boat and go. I’m a 4th generation Tawakoni fisherman, stemming from my grandfathers who watched the lake being built. I was taught by my father Jim Taylor one of the best in the business! I’ve spent countless hours on the water learning as much as I can and continue to learn every time I’m out. Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook!

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Lake Tawakoni Hybrid Striper Report, Guide Andrew Taylor
Lake Tawakoni Hybrid Striper Report
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