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Hybrid Striper Fishing

The Hybrid Striper Fishing on Lake Tawakoni is world class!  You will be hard-pressed to find a Hybrid Striper fishery any better in the USA!  Lake Tawakoni doubles down for Hybrid Striper!  The state stocks Lake Tawakoni every year!  Lake Tawakoni Sportsman Association founded in 2003 by Guide Joe Read helps stock Lake Tawakoni with Hybrid Striper each year!

What is a Hybrid Striper?

A hybrid striped bass, also known as a wiper or whiterock bass, is a hybrid between the striped bass and the white bass. It can be distinguished from the striped bass by broken rather than solid horizontal stripes on the body. Hybrid striped bass are considered better suited for culture in ponds than either parent species because they are more resilient to extremes of temperature and to low dissolved oxygen.

They became part of aquaculture in the United States in the late 1980s. Most producers purchase the fish young and raise them in freshwater ponds. Currently, about 10 million pounds are produced annually in the United States. Hybrid striped bass are used both as a gamefish and a food fish.

Hybrid striped bass are produced two different ways. Some of these fish are produced by fertilizing eggs from white bass with sperm from striped bass; the resulting fish are also called “sunshine bass” or “Cherokee bass”. Others are produced by fertilizing eggs from striped bass with sperm from white bass; the resulting fish is called a “palmetto bass”.

Can Hybrid Striper Reproduce?

Hybrid striped bass are known for aggressive feeding habits which makes them highly sought-after by anglers. Often schooling by the thousands, these stocked fish surface feed on baitfish such as shad. Often called “breaking”, this surface feeding makes the fish visible and easy to catch on a wide array of lures and baits. Popular lures include casting spoons, buck-tail jigs, soft-body plastic fish replicas, and inline spinners.

We always get this question four or five times a year!  Do Hybrid Striper Reproduce naturally?  Hybrid striped bass, unlike some other hybrids, are fertile. It is oviparous (egg-laying) like the parental species, Producing eggs and sperm in the spring when temperatures are 60 to 70° F. However, Hybrid striped bass experience great difficulty reproducing naturally.  So yes Hybrid Striper can reproduce, but it is very rare!

Lake Tawakoni Fishing

From the months of January to December the Striper, Hybrid, and White Bass are in full swing. I chase them religiously and in my opinion, it’s some of the most fun and exciting fishing you can possibly do! These fish fight harder than anything else in Lake Tawakoni and will burn drag every time!

Hybrid Striper Fishing

Being a live bait guide we present the most natural presentation to the fish. I fish a number of different areas of the lake North to South, depending on many different variables. We will run as long and far as we have to, to get to where the fish are biting!

Hybrid Striper Fishing Trips

If you want to get worn out from fighting fish this is the way to go, this is optimal for the kids, it’s typically non-stop action! Fish with the best Lake Tawakoni Fishing Guide today!   Don’t forget to LIKE US on FaceBook!  



Hybrid Striper Fishing | Lake Tawakoni